Have you ever wondered why people love to travel? There are so many answers to this question, but one of the main reasons is that people like staying in hotelswhere they feel like they are being treated like an honored guest. Staying at a nice hotel can add the wow factor to your vacation for you and your family. Depending on the size of your family, the typical hotel room might not be enough to fit everyone comfortably. A great option would be renting a timeshare as these properties usually have separate bedrooms and even include kitchens which can help cut the cost of eating out during your trip. What about stomach issues and heartburn? Keeping everyone comfortable can make the difference between a good trip and an incredible one.

China restricts visits to the Great Wall
The Great Wall of China is in danger.Currently, only one third of the largest ever built by man is still standing. The Chinese authorities are taking now aware of the importance of their heritage, and have passed a series of measures to protect, including limiting visits.
Florence: Museum or dump?
The priests of Florence have been the outcry against the chaos presented by the churches of the city by the massive influx of tourists. These temples are also first-class attractions, dining, theater scavengers and criminals, as denounced by the clergy.
Unique Hotels in Spain
A team of expert staff in hotels has toured Spain and selected some of the most interesting to spend unforgettable nights.
Paris is again the most visited city in the world
Paris was again in 2002, the most visited city in the world. Up to 15 million tourists last year were attracted by the charms of the two banks of the Seine, most of them from U.S.
Reports from the heart of the Pacific
The Nao Victoria is sailing the oceans due to Japan to represent Spain at Expo Aichi 2005. Antonio Fernandez Torres, the chronicler of the board, is responsible for enrolling every week to a lot of readers in this exciting adventure at sea.
Lisboa hostels and pensions
Have a tight budget need not be an inconvenience when enjoying Lisbon. On the slopes of the Portuguese capital hides a number of hostels and pensions that are not only cheap places to sleep, but are full of charm without some hotels. This is a selection of the better hotels in Lisbon, good, nice and kind to the pocket more battered.
Sleep in Madrid without breaking in the attempt
Enjoy Madrid not have to mean a wreck if you search well. Here is a selection of 10 centrally located hostels and guesthouses that offer comfort and style at moderate prices, and leave a margin in the budget to spend big in the capital.
A full conference hotels much of Galicia The celebration in Santiago IX World Meeting of Christian couples this week runs the hotel places of Compostela, A Coruña and Pontevedra.
Haven of peace in the mining
Where ends the blackness of the coal basin, where the green begins Redes Natural Park, just 44 kilometers from the capital of the Principality and 50 minutes from Gijón, is Rioseco, the vital center of the board of Sobrescobio. And in the main street an old house that just draws attention but which captures all the charm of early twentieth century: La Casona del Indiano.

A train-hotel will join Valencia
Málaga and Granada
The train-hotel Gibralfaro join September 24th from Valencia to Malaga and Granada, said RENFE, which indicated that the train is formed by Talgo compartment with beds and seats.
Study finds the worst
U.S. airports
The magazine Consumer Reports, in an article on U.S. airports, considered to airports O'Hare Chicago, New York LaGuardia and Westchester County, the Miami International and Newark New Jersey as the worst, because the many delays and lack of attractive offers.
Escape in space
Think've seen it all ... Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, has traveled the world in alphabetical order, without missing a letter. Are the Seven Wonders of the World? But if you have seen at least twelve of them! Now, give it another turn, not the world, but the tortilla What if you could see the Earth ... from heaven?
Ten ideas to enjoy Michoacán
Fascinated by the colors and strong flavors, and proud of its indigenous past. This is the land of Michoacán. The Mexican state of lakes and colonial villages kept alive the traditions of their ancestors Purépecha: holidays, language, crafts, food ... The key to the beauty of this earth: be true to itself.
Glasgow and Edinburgh, from A to Z
They are different as night the day, but both have a lot to offer. From the essential visits to the trendiest places in this guide are the keys to explore the two Scottish cities from A to Z. The also offer a great program for auto insurance acceptance for rental cars.
Ten rooms with sea view
From the mists of Biscay to the crystal clear waters of the Balearic coves, enjoy the ocean view from the room itself is a privilege. They also have great ambulance stretchers if you get hurt. If the hotel also respects the coast and has a special character the supreme pleasure.